Managing and monitoring effluent treatment plants.


In order for effluent treatment plants to function effectively and meet national standards, they require regular and proper monitoring. Untreated and treated wastewater characteristics need to be known and must be monitored regularly to evaluate the efficiency of the treatment plant. Different parameters in different units of the ETP also need to be checked to diagnose any internal breakdown of the system. This booklet provides some guidance on what needs to be checked and how the checks can be made. The booklet is intended to be read in conjunction with another booklet in the series, entitled \"Choosing an Effluent Treatment Plant\", which provides information on the form of wastewater produced by textile dyeing processes, the components of ETPs, the design of ETPs and the national effluent discharge quality standards defined in the Bangladesh Environment Conservation Rules, 1997.


Khan, M.S.; Knapp, J.; Clemett, A.; Chadwick, M.; Mahmood, M.; Sharif, M.I. Managing and monitoring effluent treatment plants. (2004) 36 pp.

Managing and monitoring effluent treatment plants.

Published 1 January 2004