Malawi in crisis, 2011–12


This briefing outlines the underlying causes of Malawi’s demonstrations in July 2011, and general discontent, and of government’s response to public anger and to the strengthening political opposition. It explores the trends and logic rooted in Malawi’s history and policy environment that are driving events. All of these must be seen within the context of national elections in mid 2014, for which political jockeying within and between the parties has already begun.

See also Diana Cammack’s earlier APPP Background paper 04, Malawi’s political settlement in crisis, 2011


Cammack, D. Malawi in crisis, 2011–12. Review of African Political Economy (2012) 39 (132) 375-388. [Special Issue: Markets and Identities in Africa] [DOI: 10.1080/03056244.2012.688651]

Malawi in crisis, 2011–12

Published 1 January 2012