Low cost electricity installation


The report starts from the observation that in most developing countries efforts to provide electricity to poor households have had only limited success. The purpose of this report is to:
Provide in a single reference document a review of the problems faced by poorer users and potential users and the constraints faced by power utilities
Identify possible technical solutions existing or under development
Identify how such solutions might be implemented through modified policy standards, training/technology transfer and hardware development
Identify possible areas for monitoring the performance of existing systems or field trials of new developments.

This report provides an overview of the problems and recommends some appropriate solutions. This has been achieved by a literature search, contacts and interviews with a variety of experts (see Appendices 2 and 3) and visits to six developing countries. The report addresses the problems faced by low income users and potential users with access to electricity, including house-wiring costs.

The report suggests a number of new approaches which can make electrification more economic for the utility, and spread the benefits of electrification more equitably across the social spectrum.


73 pp.

Low cost electricity installation

Published 1 January 1995