Low Carbon and Economic Growth – Key Challenges


This report is part of a group of documents focused on the compatibility of carbon emission reductions and economic growth with a specific emphasis on the situation of emerging economies. The research arrives at the conclusion that growth in the industrial age is tightly linked to the availability of cheap and highly versatile energy sources. A shift to a different paradigm will likely reduce the potential to grow for most economies, but particularly for aspiring industrial societies (like China).

The report is structured as follows:

  • Executive summary
  • Core report with alternative (energy-focused) macroeconomic models
  • Topical Q&A supplements on a number of key issues related to low carbon
  • 2-4 page country summaries on a number of emerging economies


Institute for Integrated Economic Research (IIER), Meilen, Switzerland, 66 pp.

Low Carbon and Economic Growth – Key Challenges

Published 1 January 2011