Low birth weight in South Asia, trial dataset

This is the Low Birth weight South Asia Trial dataset as analysed in the primary analyses of the study presented in the paper


This (non-blinded) cluster randomised controlled trial assessed the impact on birth weight and weight-for-age Z-score in children aged 0–16 months of a nutrition Participatory Learning and Action behaviour change strategy (PLA) for pregnant women through women’s groups, with or without unconditional transfers of food or cash to pregnant women in 2 districts of southern Nepal. PLA comprised a series of open women’s group meetings which pregnant women were encouraged to attend. A Female Community Health Volunteer facilitated each group, supported by a nutrition mobiliser. The groups (n=539) identified and prioritised problems associated with improving women’s intake of nutritious food in pregnancy, low birth weight and hand hygiene and implemented strategies for addressing these.

This research was supported by the Department for International Development’s Research to identify intervention for increasing low birth weight in South Asia (LBWSAT) Project


Saville, Naomi M. (2018). Low birth weight in South Asia, trial dataset. [Data Collection]. Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive. 10.5255/UKDA-SN-853120

Low birth weight in South Asia, trial dataset

Published 1 April 2018