Local Intermediate Inputs and the Shared Supplier Spillovers of Foreign Direct Investment


Trade liberalizations have been shown to improve domestic firms’ performance through the new varieties of imported intermediate inputs. This paper uses a unique, representative sample of Bangladeshi garment firms to highlight that local intermediate inputs may also enhance domestic firms’ performance, through the shared supplier spillovers of foreign direct investment (FDI) firms. An exogenous EU trade policy shock is shown to cause some FDI firms in Bangladesh to expand, which led to better performance of the domestic firms that shared their suppliers. Overall, the shared supplier spillovers of FDI explain 1/4 of the product scope expansion and1/3 of the productivity gains within domestic firms.

Also published as the World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No.7050


Kee, H.L. Local intermediate inputs and the shared supplier spillovers of foreign direct investment. Journal of Development Economics (2014) 112: 56-71. [DOI: 10.1016/j.jdeveco.2014.09.007]

Published 1 January 2014