Local Institutions and Pro-Poor Growth: Kadiolo District Case Study.


Within the scope of the IPPG research programme, an exploratory study was undertaken in four villages within the Kadiolo District (Sikasso region, Mali) between 14 and 26 December 2005. This is an area well suited to agriculture; livestock production, fishing and trade are secondary activities here. Since 1974 the Compagnie Malienne de Développement des Fibres Textiles (CMDT) has worked in this region, the CMDT being one of the biggest rural development bodies in Mali. The CMDT supports progress in rural areas and co-ordinates cotton growing in the region. Based on data collected in the villages, the study examines the different types of institution and organisation found there as follows: villagers' own evaluation of these institutions and organizations, according to defined criteria; an analysis of villagers' perceptions of the chronology of institutional changes at local and national levels; an examination of the current land tenure system and conditions for progress in the non-agricultural sector. Future lines of research in Mali are also explored.


Mali Research Brief 5, IPPG Briefing Paper No. Seventeen, DFID, London, UK, 6 pp.

Local Institutions and Pro-Poor Growth: Kadiolo District Case Study.

Published 1 January 2007