Local government revenue mobilisation in Anglophone Africa


This paper examines opportunities and constraints facing local revenue mobilization in Anglophone Africa with an emphasis on urban settings. Specific revenue instruments and their effects on economic efficiency, income distribution and accountability are discussed. In particular, political and administrative constraints facing various revenue instruments and factors affecting citizens’ compliance behaviour are addressed. The analysis is exemplified by cases from across Anglophone Africa. A general conclusion emerging from the study is that local revenues mobilised in most local government authorities in Africa are necessary but not sufficient to develop and supply adequate services for the fast-growing population. On this basis areas for further research on local government revenue mobilisation in Africa are identified.


Fjeldstad, O.H.; Heggstad, K. Local government revenue mobilisation in Anglophone Africa. Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Bergen, Norway (2012) 42 pp. [CMI Working Paper 2012: 6. Also published as ICTD Working Paper 7]

Published 1 January 2012