Livelihoods in the Kumasi peri-urban interface (KPUI).


This briefing document presents information that can assist NGOs and policy makers to mitigate the impact of Kumasi's growth on its surrounding rural population. It documents how people's livelihoods within the Kumasi peri-urban interface (KPUI) are being transformed by the effects of urbanisation and their attempts to adapt to these changes. Though urbanisation creates opportunities in wage employment and trading for people in peri-urban areas, and provides them with some access to services and infrastructure, it usually comes with intense competition for land, population pressure and pollution and health hazards - all of which pose serious challenges to peoples livelihoods and in turn policy makers and implementers. There are discussions in this Policy Brief of crop production, trading, gender issues, and livelihood choices.


Aberra, E. and King, R. 2005. Livelihoods in the Kumasi peri-urban interface (KPUI). Policy brief. Annex F of the Final Technical Report of project R8491. London: Development Planning Unit, University College London. 6 pp.

Livelihoods in the Kumasi peri-urban interface (KPUI).

Published 1 January 2005