Literature Review: SWOT Analysis of Bangladesh's Key Water Policy Documents


The Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) has commissioned a researched study titled G3: Water governance and community based management of the coastal areas of Bangladesh. Though the main research focuses on water management in the polder areas specifically, the broader National Water Policy is a key document in trying to understand the different modes of governance and institutions working in the area. Furthermore, the Guidelines for Participatory Management, GPWM (GoB, 2001) operationalize the focus on community based management in water as envisaged in the NWP. This SWOT analysis attempts to investigate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the NWP from 1999. Based on the findings from this SWOT-analysis, G3 is enabled to design its own research activities in a way that examines how policy is being translated into practice in the coastal areas. The ultimate aim of such a research approach is to share the findings with the Government of Bangladesh through participatory dissemination workshop both at polder and central levels.


Dewan, C. Literature Review: SWOT Analysis of Bangladesh’s Key Water Policy Documents. International Water Management Institute, (2012) 9 pp.

Literature Review: SWOT Analysis of Bangladesh’s Key Water Policy Documents

Published 1 January 2012