Life is sweet with new sweet potato varieties. Validated RNRRS Output.


This summary is based on multiple projects. Hundreds of thousands of farmers in central Uganda and Tanzania are counting on improved sweet potato varieties to boost their nutrition and incomes. These sweet potatoes were chosen through a process involving farmers at all stages. Some varieties were selected from available materials, under local smallholder farming conditions: taste, market characteristics and resistance to pests and diseases were some of the things farmers were looking for. Farmers and scientists also worked side by side to develop new varieties through client-orientated breeding at decentralised, on-farm communal sites. This process has provided—in addition to the new sweet potatoes—knowledge among farmers about the potential of variety development, as well as scientists' insights into farmers' needs.

The CD has the following information for this output: Description, Validation, Current Situation, Environmental Impact. Attached PDF (11 pp.) taken from the CD.


CPP20, New technologies, new processes, new policies: tried-and-tested and ready-to-use results from DFID-funded research, Research Into Use Programme, Aylesford, Kent, UK, ISBN 978-0-9552595-6-2, p 6.

Published 1 January 2007