Leucaena. A genetic resources handbook


This Handbook was originally conceived as a means of communicating and disseminating more widely and effectively, the results from the substantial programme of research on the systematics and genetic resources of Leucaena carried out by OFI over the last decade. An interim draft version was circulated as an unpublished report entitled Leucaena genetic resources: the OFI seed collections and a synopsis of species characteristics in 1993. That precursor has now been substantially expanded and upgraded throughout to produce the current Handbook. In particular, the 1993 draft has been updated to conform with the revised taxonomy presented in the new taxonomic monograph (Hughes, in press - due 1998). Alongside simply presenting results of the OFI work, the HCl1u1book attempts to assemble, synthesize and present other data from previous research on all aspects of Leucaena genetic resources into a single, readily accessible source book for all those concerned with their cultivation, utilization, improvement and conservation.


Tropical Forestry Papers No. 37. 274pp. Oxford Forestry Institute (OFI). Oxford, UK. ISBN:0 85074 145 9. ISSN:0141-9668.

Leucaena. A genetic resources handbook

Published 1 January 1998