Lessons and case stories from RIU Tanzania


This report provides the outcomes of a \"write-shop\" held in April 2011 in which the RIU Tanzania stakeholders reflect on their experiences and identified the institutional factors that made the innovations happen. A write shop is an intense participative way of writing publications in such a way that they are easy to understand and used by practitioners.

The write-shop resulted in this report that includes a series of 12 case stories, developed by 14 participants. The report gives an overview of experiences and lessons learnt. Participants’ own case stories are a unique way to present experiences to other stakeholders, partners, or donors. The case stories are describing the innovation process from the different angles. Each author played a specific role in the innovation process. They have described the innovations from their perspective, identifying the factors that made the change happen.


Anon. Lessons and case stories from RIU Tanzania. (2011) 50 pp.

Lessons and case stories from RIU Tanzania

Published 1 January 2011