Lessons and case stories from RIU Nigeria


This report provides the outcomes of a \"write-shop\" held in May 2011 in which the RIU Nigeria stakeholders reflect on their experiences and identified the institutional factors that made the innovations happen. A write shop is an intense participative way of writing publications in such a way that they are easy to understand and used by practitioners.

The write-shop resulted in this volume which includes a series of 14 case stories, developed by 16 participants. The case stories are presented under the overarching theme of institutional learning and change as outcomes of experimental work on agricultural innovation brokering in Nigeria. The authors were drawn from diverse organisations and occupations, representing and reflecting the multi-stakeholder configurations, or innovation platforms, which the DFID-RIU Nigeria programme orchestrated as part of that experiment. Each story is narrated from the perspective of the author(s), who had also participated in various aspects of the RIU Nigeria programme activities over the past three or more years. Hence, the stories are those of the stakeholders of the programme. Collectively, the stories indicate some of the changes in diverse aspects of practices and processes that agricultural innovation brokering can engender. These aspects include old types of organisations performing new types of roles, new types of organisations performing new types of roles, changes in research practice, new network configurations, effect on donor/government behaviour, poverty relevance, market-related changes, new forms of financing rural agricultural development, and changes in the agricultural policy space.


Anon. Lessons and case stories from RIU Nigeria. (2011) 76 pp.

Lessons and case stories from RIU Nigeria

Published 1 January 2011