Lesson Learning Report: Accelerate Livelihood of Left-Behind Older Workforce (ALLOW)

Elderly persons can be 'left behind' due to migration of the family wage earner


Under the umbrella of Innovation Fund Round 4 of EEP/Shiree, the project ‘Accelerate Livelihood of Left-Behind Older Workforce’ (ALLOW) was launched in October 2011 and managed by HelpAge International Bangladesh to lift 1,000 extreme poor households living in Roumari Upazila in Kurigram District and Ramgoti Upazila in Laximpur District, out of extreme poverty. The project aimed to provide all elderly persons ‘left behind’ due to migration of the family wage earner with a year round income through income generating activities (IGAs). The project was able to graduate 73.4% of beneficiaries from extreme poverty based on the endline survey conducted in October 2014. A number of recommendations are made for improvements should the project be replicated or scaled up.


EEP/Shiree. Lesson Learning Report: ALLOW; Shiree, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2014) 50 pp.

Lesson Learning Report: ‘ALLOW’

Published 1 January 2014