Lesson Learning Report: Aid-Comilla


This is one of 12 lesson learning reports, one for each of the Innovation Round One and Two projects. Aid Comilla is an Innovation Round 1 (IF1) NGO and implements the \"Alternative Livelihoods Options‟ (ALO) project in the Parsuram Upazila of Feni district. The duration of the project is 3 years, from September 2009 to August 2012. The ALO project sets out to work with 1,850 exclusively female headed households (HHs) to generate alternative livelihoods options, strengthen social cohesiveness amongst target BHHs and their community, increase HH productive assets, and ensure food security during lean seasons. The BHHs receive a combination of direct and indirect transfers. The project sought to strengthen and enhance the capacity of extreme poor households to manage livestock and produce home grown nutritious cash crops, vegetables and fruits; develop Para-vets as part of a community-based technical support system and develop market linkages ensuring that local service providers respond towards the market related and other needs of extreme poor women.


Anon. Lesson Learning Report: Aid-Comilla. Shiree, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2012) 55 pp.

Lesson Learning Report: Aid-Comilla

Published 1 January 2012