Laos (2006): HIV/AIDS TRaC Study among Transgenders in Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and Savannakhet Second Round


In comparison with its neighbors, Laos is a low HIV prevalence country. Prevalence currently stands at less than 0.1% for the general population aged 15 to 49. Recently, the Lao government has included men who have sex with men (MSM) in the National Strategic and Action Plan on HIV/AIDS/STI 2006-2010. Because of the sensitive nature of this issue, there are no official data on the MSM community in Laos. PSI began conducting interpersonal communications activities in a limited number of locations frequented by a sub-group of MSM (locally called “katoey”) in late 2002. Katoey are biological males who self-identify as female, but may dress as either males or females. In addition to its communication strategy, PSI/Laos launched a product intended to appeal to katoey and their partners, Number One Deluxe Plus, which contains two Number One condoms packaged with a sachet of waterbased lubricant. A tracking survey was conducted in 2004 that revealed three determinants of condom use with casual partners and provided baseline indicators for program monitoring and evaluation.

This report contains results from the second round of the tracking study. The objectives of the follow-up study were to:
1) Obtain data to inform PSI's interventions with katoey and their partners;
2) Segment katoey according to condom use at last sex with phoubao (casual partners) and identify key determinants (OAM – Opportunity, Ability and Motivation) associated with behavior;
3) Monitor changes in key indicators over time; and
4) Evaluate the impact of PSI's katoey-specific interventions on behavior change as well as katoey's opportunity, ability, and motivation (OAM) to adopt condom use.

The methodology used, main findings, and recommendations are presented in this report. A 1-page summary slide is also attached to this record.


Population Services International, Washington DC, USA, 56 pp.

Published 1 January 2006