Know Zone In school research

Know Zone is a TV series to support Kenyan children’s learning of English language, maths and life-skills


Know Zone is a locally produced educational television series intended to support and enrich Kenyan children’s learning of English language, maths and life-skills. Through its education programme, DFID Kenya has funded the production of sixty half-hour episodes which cover one full school year of programmes. This presentation is based on a survey done on KnowZone which shows the impact programmes have had on children's learning. A self-administered test was conducted amongst standard 4 classes (median age 10 years) in 22 schools in 5 provinces in Kenya. Comparisons of those that have a TV at home and are Know Zone viewers and those that are non-viewers but have a TV at home showed that the former performed better across all topics with the exception of Algebra and knowledge on communication where the median score is at a par.


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Know Zone In school research.

Published 1 January 2010