Kenya: overview of corruption and anti-corruption



Can you give an overview of corruption trends and anti-corruption measures in Kenya. Which sectors and institutions seem to have the highest prevalence of corruption. What legal or institutional strengthens or weakness limit or provide opportunities for addressing corruption. Identify the main direct country level measures on prevention, detection and sanctions. Provide some assessment of the effectiveness of these and there relevance to the trends identified.


There is a widespread perception that corruption permeates all sectors of public life in Kenya, as reflected by major governance indicators. There has been a slight improvement over the past decade according to both Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index and the World Bank’s Governance Indicators, but still Kenya scores relatively poorly on both these measurements.


Martini, M. Kenya: overview of corruption and anti-corruption. U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, CMI, Bergen, Norway (2012) 11 pp. [U4 Expert Answer 348]

Kenya: overview of corruption and anti-corruption

Published 1 January 2012