Is there a teacher motivation crisis in Tanzania?


This report presents the findings from primary research as well as evidence from other sources in order to answer the question 'Is there a teacher motivation crisis in Tanzania?'. Given the importance of 'Education for All', the focus is on the 120,000 teachers who work in 13,000 government-funded primary schools right across the country. After two decades of falling enrolment rates, concerted efforts are now being made to ensure that all children complete primary education (Standards 1 to 7) and acquire the basic competencies necessary to lead a rewarding and productive life. To this end, the Government of Tanzania with substantial financial backing from its international development partners is currently implementing the Primary Education Development Programme. Since the abolition of tuition and other fees in 2001, primary school enrolments have increased by over 40 percent - from 4.9 million to 7.0 million in early 2004. Nearly 40,000 classrooms were built between 2000 and 2004.


DFID, London, UK, iv + 51 pp.

Is there a teacher motivation crisis in Tanzania?

Published 1 January 2005