Is K-O Tab 1-2-3® long lasting on non-polyester mosquito nets?


Many societies use locally sourced mosquito nets made from a variety of materials. For protecting against malaria these require regular re-treatment with insecticide. K-O Tab 1-2-3 is a ‘dip-it-yourself’ long-lasting formulation with time-limited interim recommendation from WHO for treatment of washed white and coloured polyester nets for up to 15 washes.

To determine wash-resistance on different fabrics, nets made of polyester, polyethylene, cotton or nylon were treated with K-O Tab 1-2-3 and washed up to 20 times using standard WHO washing procedures. Efficacy was assessed using cone and cylinder bioassays and tunnel tests, and deltamethrin content using high-pressure liquid chromatography.

Polyethylene and cotton nets treated with K-O Tab 1-2-3 and washed 20 times achieved the WHO threshold of >80% mortality in tunnel tests. Polyethylene matched the performance of polyester in all bioassays in contrast to cotton and nylon which produced low mortality and knock-down in cone and cylinder bioassays. After 20 washes 16.5% of the loading dose of deltamethrin remained on the polyester nets compared with 28.7% on polyethylene, 38.9% on cotton and 2.2% on nylon. Cotton nets retained a high concentration of insecticide but the relatively poor performance in terms of knock-down and mortality suggest most insecticide is bound within the cotton fibres rather than on the surface.

K-O Tab 1-2-3 renders insecticide wash fast on polyethylene nets, less so on cotton and nylon. Nets made from polyethylene can be treated in the home to render the insecticide long lasting.


Acta Tropica (2009) 112 (1) 49-53 [doi:10.1016/j.actatropica.2009.06.005]

Is K-O Tab 1-2-3® long lasting on non-polyester mosquito nets?

Published 1 January 2009