Introduction and rationale.


This article introduces the report of which it is the first chapter. It describes the background to the report, the problem of HIV/AIDS in young people, the United Nations goals on its prevention and the priorities for action. It then describes the objectives of the report: to clarify the understanding of the term 'evidence' in this context and develop a transparent methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of interventions; to provide a comprehensive review of the evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to prevent HIV among young people in developing countries; and to inform the choices of policy-makers, those who develop and deliver HIV prevention programmes, and researchers. Following this, the article describes the limitations of the report, the process and methodology by which it was written, the scope and limitations of the data, and challenges in interpreting the findings and follow up.


In: Ross, D. A.; Dick, B.; Ferguson, J. (eds.) Preventing HIV/AIDS in young people: a systematic review of the evidence from developing countries. World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland (2006). ISBN 978-92-4-120938-0; pp. 1-13. (WHO Technical Report Series no. 938)

Introduction and rationale.

Published 1 January 2006