Introducing Infrastructure Resilience

Focuses on the way that resilience to climate and disaster risks is considered for investment in new and existing infrastructure


Resilience in infrastructure may be interpreted simply as the robustness of a structure, to withstand hazards. However, this introduction sets out and explains a number of interfaces at which this narrow definition could conflict with, or miss opportunities to reinforce, wider resilience within infrastructure systems, and social and community resilience.

This introduction forms part of a resilience resource and should be read in conjuction with the following:

A consolidated list of references used in these 3 pieces has also been published - List of sources cited and acronyms used in the resilience resources on infrastructure


Gallego-Lopez, C.; Essex, J. (with input from DFID) Designing for infrastructure resilience. Evidence on Demand, UK (2016) 22p

Introducing Infrastructure Resilience

Published 1 July 2016