Interdisciplinary research : recommendations


The events of the workshop on 'Interdisciplinary Research for Development', held at the GDN's 2008 Annual Global Development Conference, in Brisbane Australia, are now available as an e-book. The workshop reflected on the key implications for using an interdisciplinary approach to research. Seventeen researchers from thirteen low income countries examined the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats to interdisciplinary research; the implications for promoting this approach to research; and theoretical examples of interdisciplinary studies on HIV / AIDS and direct budget support.

The workbook explores both the content and process of interdisciplinary research by presenting the contributed papers from the seventeen researchers participating at the workshop. The papers and debates present some very innovative ideas on interdisciplinary approaches to development research. In doing so, they examine not just the challenges in linking disciplines, but also the strategic benefits in creating a more holistic and broad view for development research.


In: Interdisciplinary research for development, Global Development Network (GDN), New Delhi, India, pp. 140

Interdisciplinary research : recommendations

Published 1 January 2008