Integrated Vegetable Pest Management


This companion handbook to the field guide is similarly easy to follow, with helpful diagrams and photographs for identification of pests and diseases. The principles of integrated pest management, including cultural, biological and chemical controls are explained and there are sections on each of the major pests and diseases affecting the vegetables, covering identification, damage, and control methods. The section on chemical control gives practical advice on methods of application, how to calculate doses, and safety. The appendices include tables specifying which chemicals suit which pests and others summarising the different varieties of tomato and brassica available in Zimbabwe, including their resistance to pests and diseases.


Dobson, H.; Cooper, J.; Manyangarirwa, W.; Karuma, J.; Chiimba, W. Integrated Vegetable Pest Management. (2002) ISBN 0-85954-536-9

Integrated Vegetable Pest Management

Published 1 January 2002