Innovation in development Learning Event: workshop report and challenge brief

Reports from an Innovating in Development Learning Event held in February 2017


This workshop report summarises the rich discussions, learning, case studies and practical tools generated at the 2 day Innovating in Development Learning Event held in February 2017.

The challenge brief summarises emerging insights on the topic of innovating in development from operational experience to inform discussions at the Innovating in Development Learning Event. The brief highlights where we are currently in the field of innovating in development, and explores the broad issues and insights around scaling, replication and diffusion, and the inter-related topics of innovation ecosystems and risk.

‘Ideas to Impact’ is an action-research programme designing, implementing and testing innovation prizes, to induce innovative solutions to development challenges. It is supported by the UK Department for International Development.


Vogel, I and G. Minkley, Innovating in Development: Workshop Report, Ideas to Impact, IMC Worldwide, UK (2017), 24p

Innovation in development: workshop report

Innovation in development Learning Event: challenge brief

Published 1 May 2017