Initial Lessons Learned on AgResults

Evaluator’s Lessons Learned Series discusses initial lessons learned from ongoing evaluations of pilots in Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and Uganda


Ongoing evaluations of AgResults pilots have generated early insights on pull mechanism design, market impact, and development impact. The pilots in Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and Uganda aim to incentivize the private sector to invest in creating sustainable, smallholder-oriented markets for beneficial agricultural technologies. The overarching theory of change across these pilots is based on the premise that the efforts of multiple private sector actors to achieve these outcomes will lead to investments in the development of sustainable and smallholder accessible markets for the technology. In this brief, we discuss initial lessons that we have learned from our ongoing evaluations of the pilots.


Mainville, Denise and Tulika Narayan “Initial Lessons on AgResults,” Evaluator’s Lessons Learned Series, Issue 1, August 2017, AgResults, Abt Associates.

Initial Lessons Learned on AgResults

Published 7 August 2017