Informing Policy (and Investment) Decisions: Data Requirements


This presentation was given at the SAAKS-SA Regional Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa, 4-5 October 2006. It concerns the information sources available for the livestock sector of agriculture in Viet Nam and the roles that the information performs in informing pro-poor policy formulation. In concluding, the presentation calls for a network of data providers, to gather data from diverse sources, and for this network to be made widely available.

For other information, consult the PPLPI working papers: \"The Political Economy of Pro-Poor Livestock Policy-making in Vietnam\"; \"The Contribution of Livestock to Household Income in Vietnam: A Household Typology Based Analysis\"; and \"Geographical Dimensions of Livestock Holdings in Vietnam: Spatial Relationships among Poverty, Infrastructure and the Environment\".


PPLPI, FAO, Rome, Italy, 24 pp.

Informing Policy (and Investment) Decisions: Data Requirements

Published 1 January 2006