Infobrief 4. PERI Review 2001-2004: Executive Summary.


After many years of activity a review of the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI) was undertaken. Five key areas were examined:

  1. Relevance: had the programme met the needs of the research community and were the components complementary, appropriate, relevant and effective?
  2. Usage: if and how had PERI services and resources been used?
  3. Management: was the programme managed and structured in an effective way?
  4. Sharing: were programme experiences and lessons being learned and shared
  5. Sustainability: were the activities currently supported by PERI becoming, or likely to become, sustainable?

The executive summary outlines the process and outcomes of the review and makes recommendations for future implementation and management of the programme.


INASP Infobrief 4, February 2005. 4 pp.

Infobrief 4. PERI Review 2001-2004: Executive Summary.

Published 1 January 2005