Indus Floods Research Project. Final Technical Report


This final technical report covers the findings, outcomes, outputs and activities of a project initiated following the major floods in Pakistan in 2010. The Indus floods affected all aspects of life from the livelihoods of rural populations to food supply for urban areas. The core gateway transport, communication, energy, health, water control and institutional systems, upon which populations depend, failed during the floods. The floods had immediate consequences for people across all levels of society in Pakistan but the impact on the poor and marginal populations was both severe and direct.

The main objective of the research undertaken through this project was to generate knowledge on climate related hazards in the Indus Basin in Pakistan and their impact on marginalised communities, along with the factors that enable their recovery following the floods. Specific causes for their vulnerability were diagnosed and strategies to build resilience were identified.

Appendix 1, Questions for CCW-supported project teams, forms part of this report. The other appendices are provided as separate documents:
Appendix 2 - Indus Floods Research Project - Report on findings from the field
Appendix 3 - A simple human vulnerability index to climate change hazards for Pakistan
Appendix 4 - Exploring demographic dimensions of flood vulnerability in rural Charsadda, Pakistan
Appendix 5 - Indus Floods Research Project - Report on desk study


Khan, F. Indus Floods Research Project. Final Technical Report. Institute for Social and Environmental Transition(ISET), Boulder, Colorado, USA (2013) 36 pp.

Indus Floods Research Project. Final Technical Report

Published 1 January 2013