Indonesia Pro-Poor HPAI Risk Reduction Project Multi-Stakeholder Workshop. Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 5-6 June 2008.


The meeting consists of two different sections (a) stakeholder workshop (5th - 6th, half day, of June) followed by a specific researcher meeting 6th (half day) and 7th of June. The objectives of the 1.5 day stakeholder workshop were: To sensitize the potential partners for the project; To discuss the background paper and key findings; To discuss and identify general research topics in line with overall objectives; and To identify potential national collaborators. The workshop was followed by a 1.5 day researcher meeting to discuss potential activities and methods used.

Documents attached include the Agenda, List of participants, Meeting report, and presentations given during the meeting. Presentations are as follows:

Workshop agenda and objectives

Project Overview and Current Status of Research Activities - Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Risk Reduction Strategies. By J. Mariner

Background Paper: Overview on Poultry Sector and HPAI Situation for Indonesia. By B. Sumiarto

Background Paper: Economic Impacts of HPAI in Indonesia. By B. Arifin

Activity Update and Critical Information on HPAI Control in Animals. By HPAI-CMU Directorate of Animal Health

HPAI Socio-Economic Programme in Indonesia. By FAO

HPAI Stakeholder Mapping Using Social Network Analysis. By M. Tiongco and K. Rich


Published 1 January 2008