India Assessment Report.


This document consists of five sections and three appendices.

Section 1: Introduction: Provides Justification and rationale for action research project and use of ICTs

Section 2: Sector Identification: Process of selection of sector for research

Section 3: Sector Assessment: Details of sector, methodology for assessment problems faced and the ICT model to be applied.

Section 4: Problem Identified: Lists problems from perspectives of service provider and people. Identifies problems to be addressed by this research

Section 5: Proposed ICT Model: Identifies the ICT tool to be used for the research.

Implementing the India chapter of the project, OWSA chose the health sector and within it, the India Population Project, focusing on maternal and child health. The project site – the Badarpur Maternity Hospital – was chosen as the service provider and Mohan Baba Nagar, a slum and resettlement cluster of about 9,000 people, was chosen as the implementation area.


Sharma, G. India Assessment Report. (2004) 57 pp.

India Assessment Report.

Published 1 January 2004