Independent Evaluation of the Security Sector Accountability and Police Reform Programme: Final Evaluation Report


The Security Sector Accountability and Police Reform (SSAPR) programme aimed to assist the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the reestablishment of the rule of law by supporting the creation of accountable and service-oriented security and justice institutions able to improve safety, security and access to justice for Congolese citizens.

This report (in English and French versions) sets out the SSAPR impact evaluation, responding to the dual objectives of demonstrating accountability while also promoting learning. Thus central to the impact evaluation is whether the programme was implemented as planned and whether implementation led to desired results. But beyond this it was recognised that the findings from a final impact evaluation of SSAPR would be important to those designing community policing programmes.

The final product of this approach was a series of comprehensive narratives, or impact stories, presenting the evidence from various sources in support of causal and contributory claims. The extensive assessments included are led by summaries of three main impact stories:

  • Police officers have positively changed their practice as a result of SSAPR intervention, though some evidence suggests risks to the sustainability of this change in the long term.
  • Communities in SSAPR pilot sites have positively changed their practice around engagement with the police as a result of the intervention, although these changes are unlikely to be sustained after the life of the programme.
  • Local authorities in SSAPR intervention sites have engaged better with communities since SSAPR support.

The body of the report comprises details on all the impact stories, backed up by annexed information on methodology and research results, plus final conclusions from the evaluation as well as implications for the design and implementation of future programmes in both DRC and other developing country contexts.


Palladium. Independent Evaluation of the Security Sector Accountability and Police Reform Programme: Final Evaluation Report. Palladium, London, UK (2015) 186 pp.

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