Inclusive WASH Infrastructure Design


For the last three years, WaterAid Uganda has been working with a number of local NGO partners to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene services for different categories of socially excluded people. Such groups include physically disabled people, chronically ill people, people with visio-impairments, pregnant women, adolescent girls and older people.

One such partner NGO is the Church of Uganda (Teso Diocese Development Office (TEDDO)), which is instrumental in scaling up low-cost accessible water and sanitation technologies in the Amuria and Katakwi districts of north eastern Uganda. This briefing gives a voice to socially excluded people to show how they are able to independently use different accessible water and sanitation technologies.


Kiyimba, J. Inclusive WASH Infrastructure Design. WaterAid Uganda, Kampala, Uganda (2015) 7 pp.

Inclusive WASH Infrastructure Design

Published 1 January 2015