Inception Workshop on Pro-Poor HPAI Risk Reduction Project in Africa and Southeast Asia. Chiang Mai, Thailand, December 12-13, 2007. Session III: HPAI Risk AssessmentandManagement - Issues, Tools and Options.


Session III of the Inception Workshop includes 8 presentations as follows:-

Overview presentation - HPAI Risk Assessment and Management. By Dirk Pfeiffer and Joachim Otte

Risk assessment of introduction of HPAI to commercial farms in Thailand. by S. Kasemsuwan

Use of participatory disease surveillance (PDS) methods for HPAI control in Indonesia. By J. Mariner

Field investigations of HPAI in Cambodia. M. Van Kerkhove and Sowath Ly

Update on HPAI in Viet Nam. By Do Huu Dung

Models of Avian Influenza in Commercial Poultry. G. Smith

Epidemiological investigations of HPAI in Viet Nam. D. Pfeiffer and Ricardo Soares Magalhaes

Simulation Modelling of H5N1 Smallholder Poultry Outbreaks in Vietnam. Ricardo Soares Magalhaes, Lorenzo Pellis, Joachim Otte and Dirk Pfeiffer


Published 1 January 2007