Inception Workshop on Pro-Poor HPAI Risk Reduction Project in Africa and Southeast Asia. Chiang Mai, Thailand, December 12-13, 2007.


The Inception Workshop included six sessions, as follows:

Session I: Introduction

Session II: Communication (Decision Support Tools & Capacity Building) - Towards a Strategy for Pro-poor Policy Influence

Session III: HPAI Risk Assessment & Management - Issues, Tools and Options

Session IV: Economic and Livelihoods Impacts of HPAI and its Control - Knowns and Unknowns

Session V: Institutions and Management of Institutions

Session VI: Ensuring Project Outcomes are Achieved.

Attached to this output record are the workshop agenda, participant list, and the introductory presentations giving DFID's rationale for and expectations of the project, and an overview of the project. Separate output records have been created for Sessions II-VI.


Published 1 January 2007