INASP Review and Highlights 2006


A review of INASP's activities in 2006. Key achievements include:
887 institutions registered for e-resource access with over 1 million full-text research papers downloaded via IP.
African Journals OnLine: 264 titles available (including 73 that are available full text online, and 18 that are Open Access); Vietnam Journals OnLine: 14 journals, 11 issues, 125 articles; Nepal Journals OnLine: 23 journals, 34 issues, 417 articles.
761 librarians and researchers from 345 organisations attended 42 training events in 14 countries; at least 340 people from 104 institutions attended local follow up workshops.
Workshop materials downloaded from the INASP website were used by at least 76 individuals to train at least 2359 others.
14 publishing-related workshops were supported with over 200 participants.


INASP, Oxford, UK, 4 pp.

INASP Review and Highlights 2006

Published 1 January 2007