Improving Governance in Bottom Billion Countries


One of a series of 13 briefs exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the policies advocated in Paul Collier's controversial and influential book 'The Bottom Billion'.

Globalisation is leading to a more integrated world, but some of its consequences are problematic and the poorest countries are losing out. Many of the serious governance problems in these nations are rooted in the developed world, including the rich world’s vast buying power and appetite for natural resources. In The Bottom Billion Paul Collier shows how international laws and charters that can enforce change in the industrialised North can induce reform in the developing South. This In Focus brief analyses his arguments and sets out further reasons for an international framework to improve the prospects of the poorest countries.


IDS In Focus Issue 3.9, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 4 pp.

Improving Governance in Bottom Billion Countries

Published 1 January 2008