Improving Community Spate Irrigation.


Spate irrigation involves a wide range of disciplines and many of the topics covered in these guidelines would justify substantial individual publications. In order to make the guidelines accessible and of a reasonable length they are organised around chapters containing summary descriptions of the various aspects of spate irrigation that are considered, usually with the aid of some specific examples. Key references are listed at the end of each chapter, and the full list of documents collected for the study that preceded the preparation of this report, many from normally inaccessible \"grey\" literature, are listed in Chapter 14. Recommendations for improving existing spate schemes, and developing spate irrigation in new areas, are made in Chapter 12. Among the topics covered by individual chapters are the physical setting (hydrology, sedimentation, soil and water management), agronomy, water rights and distribution, organisation and management of spate schemes, economics of spate irrigation development, water diversion and control structures, and river basin resource management.


Report OD 154. Wallingford, UK; HR Wallingford, 258 pp.

Improving Community Spate Irrigation.

Published 1 January 2005