<i>Artemisia annua</i> L. drying and storage.


This presentation describes research on the effects of temperature during drying and storage of Artemisia annua, in particular the effects on the artemisinin content. It is concluded that: temperatures above 30 or 40°C should not be used (30°C should not be exceeded for long-term storage); there is no interaction between leaf moisture content and drying temperature; damage to leaf structure should be avoided; a low drying temperature (e.g. 20°C) is not a problem; and powdered leaves are very sensitive even to low temperatures.


Presentation from Artemisinin Forum 2008 – Joint meeting on ensuring sustainable artemisinin production: meeting global demand. Guilin, China, 24-26 November 2008.

Artemisia annua L. drying and storage.

Published 1 January 2008