HRP External evaluation 2008-2012


The evaluation reviewed HRP’s overall relevance and effectiveness, particularly in terms of producing global public health goods, and the efficiency and effectiveness of its governance, management and administration, as well as conducting four case-studies. The full evaluation report and a separate Executive Summary are attached. The case studies examine the following issues: evidence generation and synthesis to improve family planning, prevent unsafe abortion and prevent and control sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive tract infections (Affette McCaw-Binns and Jasneth Mullings, Chapter 4); research capacity strengthening and network building (Chisale Mhango, Chapter 5); strengthening implementation research (Fernando Althabe and Daniela Colaci, Chapter 6); and the status of, and opportunities for strengthening, engagement with the private sector and civil society (International Development Team, Pricewaterhouse Coopers SA, Chapter 7).


WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research. HRP External evaluation 2008-2012. WHO, Geneva, Switzerland (2013) 288 + 58 pp.

Published 1 January 2013