HPAI Control Measures and Household Incomes in Vietnam


This PPLPI feature document summarises the control measures being considered for the poultry sector in Viet Nam. Particular care must be taken when introducing such measures as the livelihoods of many poor people are dependant on poultry production. Serious adverse impacts on these people can be avoided by adapting strategies to the initial conditions and local institutions. The risks of HPAI to human and animal health must be managed, but through effective means for rapid identification of the disease and local containment; the Strategic Pathogen Assessment for Domesticated Animals (SPADA) system has been developed for this purpose. Examples are given for the application of control policies in Viet Nam and their potential economic impacts.


PPLPI, FAO, Rome, Italy, 4 pp.

HPAI Control Measures and Household Incomes in Vietnam

Published 1 January 2006