How healthy is Health Sector Governance?


This report on the governance of the health sector in Bangladesh is the third such report presented by the Bangladesh Health Watch (BHW) on the state of health in Bangladesh. The issues addressed by the report cover some important overarching concerns such as the stewardship role of the government as well as several micro level issues to illustrate the practical manifestations of the state of governance on our daily lives. The stewardship of the government is analysed through a critical review of the processes and politics involved in health policy formulation and implementation; the functioning of the various statutory and regulatory bodies; and the ethical standards and practices maintained in the health sector. The specific issues highlighted by the report, which impact on all those seeking health care, include blood supply, availability and use of essential drugs, pharmaceutical promotion, quality of care, and hospital diet.

The report highlights many problems such as ineffectiveness of statutory and regulatory bodies; deficits in ethics and standards; politicisation of health policy and its lack of continuity; partisanisation of the medical profession and absence of accountability. However, the report also showcases several positive examples which can be replicated and used as role models for good governance in the health sector.


Anon. How healthy is Health Sector Governance? (2010) 122 pp. ISBN 978 984 8815 27 4

How healthy is Health Sector Governance?

Published 1 January 2010