High-iron mungbean recipes for north India.


The high-iron recipes developed in this book were prepared to suit the palate of North Indians. The selected ingredients are inexpensive and easily accessible to rural families as well as the urban poor. The iron bioavailability of mungbean has been substantially improved to 7.2–11.3% through cooking practices such as soaking, pressure-cooking, fermenting, sprouting, and using iron and vitamin C-rich vegetables as ingredients. Iron content of each recipe was determined by the atomic absorption method. Iron bioavailability was measured with the in vitro digestion/dialysis method described by AVRDC (1995). The other micronutrient values were referred from the Food Composition Table listed in Huang et al. (1992). The sensory qualities such as flavor and appearance were given due importance in preparing the recipes. By popularizing these recipes among the target population, the iron status of millions of vulnerable families in India can be substantially improved.


Shanhua, Taiwan: AVRDC—the World Vegetable Center,AVRDC Publication 03-562. 34 pp. ISBN 92-9058-131-X

High-iron mungbean recipes for north India.

Published 1 January 2003