Helpdesk Report: Sanitation and Education in Asia



What evidence is available, for Asia in particular, to support the view that holistic water, sanitation, health and hygiene promotion investments represent value for money and have positive effects on attendance, retention and learning?


The multiple ways in which water, sanitation, and hygiene education in schools (WASH in Schools) contributes toward education - including attendance, retention and learning - is fairly well documented. When children have access to clean and appropriate toilets, hand washing facilities, adequate and clean water they are healthier, are more likely to attend school regularly, and to participate and learn more effectively. They also can be agents of change and can positively influence hygiene practices at home and in their wider community. This query response aims to provide an introduction to the issues of sanitation, health and hygiene in schools generally and to provide links to resources, but also provides links to resources on sanitation, health and hygiene in Asia more specifically. The resources were selected because they were seen to provide evidence on the benefits of increased investment in sanitation, health and hygiene for education outcomes.


Murphy, L. Helpdesk Report: Sanitation and Education in Asia. Human Development Resource Centre, UK (2010) 6 pp.

Helpdesk Report: Sanitation and Education in Asia

Published 1 January 2010