Helpdesk Report: Pre-service teacher training

This report mainly focuses on Ghana and West Africa



The primary question is: Under what circumstances is pre-service teacher education effective? The evidence presented should focus on Ghana, West Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, and further afield only if directly relevant.


This helpdesk aims to synthesis relevant evidence that is focused on the circumstances under which pre-service teacher education can be deemed effective. The evidence included is primarily focused on Ghana and West Africa. Some of the evidence from further afield, which was deemed to be directly relevant, was also included. This report includes this summary overview, a brief literature review and comments from subject experts. Education policies, however well-intentioned, and official curricula, however well crafted, cannot succeed without the teacher, whose professional management of the teaching-learning process ensures that education really takes place. It is not just any teacher that can make education happen. It has to be an effective teacher. An effective teacher is not just born; they are made over time through training and experience. Teacher education is crucial in this process.


Thompson, S.; Power, L. Helpdesk Report: Pre-service teacher training. Health and Education Advice and Resource Team (HEART), Oxford, UK (2015) 28 pp.

Published 1 January 2015