Helpdesk Report: Learning Outcomes in Afghanistan


Currently only an average of 26% of the population aged 15 or over can read or write. One of the first achievements of post-conflict Afghanistan was to bring almost 4 million children back to school. However, low primary enrolment especially for girls and in rural areas and very weak learning achievements remain.

This report includes the following sections:

  1. Overview texts (situation and response)
  2. Sector-wide analysis/studies
  3. Programme evaluations - sector-wide
  4. Programme evaluations - community and home-based

A study of learning outcomes in 2010, devised a curricula-based test for a small sample of male and female students in Grades 3 and 6. The study found low levels of average achievement (an average score of 52% for Grade 3 students, and 53% for Grade 6 students), though girls seemed to do slightly better than boys, and students in community-based schools scored higher (an average score of 68%) than students in other schools.


Bell, E. Helpdesk Report: Learning Outcomes in Afghanistan. Human Development Resource Centre, UK (2011) 20 pp.

Helpdesk Report: Learning Outcomes in Afghanistan

Published 1 January 2011