Helpdesk Report: Innovations in Education Systems and Delivery



Innovations in Education System and Delivery.


There is a significant body of evidence showing the efforts of educational institutes all over the world to innovate their educational systems in order to extend services, improve performance and communication flows, and to reduce costs. There is a wide list of diverse promoters of innovative initiatives in education including international organisations active in the field (as OECD, UNESCO, European-based bodies), regional, national governments, NGOs or non-state actors. There is a significant amount of literature describing the phenomenon of technology-induced educational innovation. Comparatively, there is less information on 'pedagogical innovation', derived from educational research. It is worth noting that the simple adoption of new technologies into education systems does not mean that systemic innovations are taking place. Beside general research developed within the framework of different multinational projects, there is little valid evidence on the impact of concrete innovations on current educational practices (little research appears to have been conducted on assessing the overall impact of the individual initiatives).


Nedelcu, A. Helpdesk Report: Innovations in Education Systems and Delivery. Human Development Resource Centre, UK (2010) 10 pp.

Helpdesk Report: Innovations in Education Systems and Delivery

Published 1 January 2010