Helpdesk Report: Higher Education Links

This report outlines projects and programmes to give an idea of the higher education links landscape



I would like to understand what the current higher education (HE) links landscape looks like at the moment. I am particularly interested in what are our donor partners are doing on HE links and what the British Council and other organisations are doing. If these programmes have also been assessed then highlights of these assessments would also be helpful.


This report outlines projects and programmes identified to give an idea of the higher education links landscape. Programmes are listed in sections starting with British Council programmes, UK links, European links, and programmes in North America. Some evaluation of projects is noted within these sections.

A review of the Tanzania-Norway programme is published and notes it has been largely successful.  An evaluation of CIDA's University Partnerships in Cooperation and Development finds that the programme is generally relevant and appropriate for enabling true institutional partnerships and achieving sustainable project results, particularly in academic capacity building.

Results of programmes are often reported as number of partnerships rather than benefits. Some case study highlights are described from the British Council partnerships in Africa. David Stephens' book gives a more balanced account of different HE partnerships: an outline of the books content is provided in section 7.


Bolton, L. Helpdesk Report: Higher Education Links. Human Development Resource Centre, UK (2011) 21 pp.

Helpdesk Report: Higher Education Links

Published 1 January 2011