Helpdesk Report: Health and Education Sectors


There is little literature that specifically compares the two sectors - Health and Education - to draw out the commonalities and differences between them. The only paper that searches bring up is a conceptual discussion which is reviewed in section 2. In terms of sectoral synergies for service delivery - a significant developmental strategy which brings the education and health sector together is 'school health'.

Despite the lack of comparative data across the two sectors, a significant amount of work focuses on the factors that contribute to the poor performance of each of the sectors. Existing literature also has much to offer in terms of what is necessary for effective service delivery in health and education.

Finally, this document covers the issues in a very broad way and does not provide in-depth information on each of them.  Each of the sub-sections: effective service delivery; political economy; and voice and accountability include large areas of work, and an in-depth analysis could yield more.


Shanti Mahendra. Helpdesk Report: Health and Education Sectors. Human Development Resource Centre, UK (2011) 7 pp.

Helpdesk Report: Health and Education Sectors

Published 1 January 2011